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Consumer Driven Plans

Consumer Driven Health Care Plans

Interactive Medical Systems has provided innovative health care plan solutions for over twenty years. The new trend in health care plan design, called “Consumer Driven”, focuses on motivating patients to become better consumers of health care services through cost shifting. This concept is nothing new to IMS. Throughout our history, we have designed a number of plans that incorporate various cost sharing features that create cost effective, consumer oriented plans. “Creating Healthier Benefits sm means that we create plans that are healthy for both the patient and the plan.

Although Consumer Driven plans are the current trend, there is no specific plan design that is right for every company. IMS works with each plan to make sure that the plan design, whether Traditional, PPO, POS, EPO, HDHP, HRA, or MSA is “Healthy” for the company and it's plan members.

Click here to see how Employers can save money by offering HSA-eligible health insurance plans (high deductible health plans) to their employees.

To assist members of Consumer-driven Health Plans in becoming more responsible consumers through education and counseling through the Consumer Survival Kit. Interactive Medical Systems offers the Consumer Survival Kit to be used with Consumer Driven Health Plans. The Survival Kit provides the consumer with the access to healthcare information and healthcare professionals needed to fill the knowledge gap. Using a combination of nurse triage, healthcare information and disease management programs, the Consumer Survival Kit is a must for any serious Consumer Driven Health Plan. The combination of responsibility plus education emphasized in the Consumer Survival Kit will enhance the effectiveness of Consumer-driven Health Plans.

Key Features and Advantages
  • 24/7 accessibility

  • Consistent, accurate triage information, self-care options, and health education

  • An extensive Health Information Library

  • Leading-edge predictive modeling software

  • Clinical Assessments

  • Written educational material

  • Coordination with members’ primary care physicians

  • Communication with members to help them understand their risk factors and utilize the most appropriate resources in the most appropriate settings

  • Integration with Utilization Management and Case Management
Contact IMS today to see how we can help make your plan “Healthy” through cost efficient and effective plan design and administration.