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Health-e Outlook

Provides online wellness and prevention information to educate and empower members.

Health-e Outlook is a stand-alone, population-based wellness and prevention information website. Available to members 24x7, Health-e Outlook provides members with information tailored to their health needs, as well as online Health Management Programs. These self-directed programs are personalized to assist members in managing their existing conditions and decrease their risk of developing new ones.

Health-e Outlook

Key Features and Advantages
  • The Health-e Outlook Web portal is URAC accredited as a Health Web Site

  • A personalized homepage that keeps important information relevant to each member's health right at his or her fingertips

  • Individualized health management and disease prevention programs that track compliance and progress, while offering advice and action steps based on “Stages of Change”

  • Personalized and engaging health information

  • Easy-to-use interactive tools to target members’ health risks

  • A calendar to schedule appointments for healthcare needs

  • An online Personal Health Record (PHR)

  • Member-directed e-mail reminders for immunizations, checkups, etc.

  • An online Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) with Beyond Disease Management referral capability

  • Data collection and reporting on member demographics, conditions, behavior and more
Interactive Medical Systems clients are provided with another tool for educating members on health issues, empowering them to make better, more cost-effective choices about their healthcare.