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Online Health Risk Appraisal

Provides a wellness profile to help members define, reduce health risks.

The Online Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) includes more than 50 questions related to member demographics, eating and exercise habits, and medical history.

The membersí responses to the HRA builds a wellness profile that addresses the following:

  • Wellness Score

  • Areas where the member can improve, maintain health

  • Health analyses with targets and goals

  • Links to online health resources

  • Tips for making lifestyle changes

Key Features and Advantages
  • The HRA is available as part of Health-e Outlook or as a stand-alone product

  • The HRA was developed by physicians and experts at the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center

  • The personalized wellness profile raises health awareness among members, encourages a healthier lifestyle

  • When used as part of Health-e Outlook, the HRA helps personalize the memberís Health Dashboard

  • Members can review their Wellness Profiles at any time