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Maternity Newborn Program - “Tomorrow’s Child”

Improves mother and child outcomes while reducing costs associated with complicated pregnancies and premature births.

The key objectives of the “Tomorrow’s Child” program are:
    - to decrease the number of premature and complicated births through assessment, early intervention and case management

    - to promote optimal delivery outcomes, minimizing costs and reducing hospital readmissions.
The program begins as soon as a woman’s pregnancy is confirmed by her physician. Upon registering with the program, the expectant mother is assessed by a nurse specialist. After this initial screening, all of the mothers-to-be receive:
    - education and extensive educational materials

    - care planning based on risk status

    - ongoing monitoring and assessments
Women with higher risks for complications become part of a more aggressive program of case management.

Key Features and Advantages
  • Pregnant mothers receive detailed psycho-social assessments with physician confirmation to determine risk status.

  • The women receive calendars, videos, brochures and a book that highlight health issues during pregnancy.

  • “Tomorrow’s Child” nurses have an average of 20 years maternal and neonatal experience. When medical complications or questions arise, the nurses provide education and support.

  • When coupled with Care Line (24/7 Demand Management) program, the pregnant women can receive information and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Regardless of risk status, every pregnancy is monitored throughout the 9 months, with intervention at the slightest change in the mother’s condition.

  • If home health care services are needed, costs are negotiated with caregivers.

  • The program also reduces the amount of work time lost by preventing complications during pregnancy and/or birth.
Interactive Medical Systems clients have a program that enhances the quality of life for pregnant mother and child, with outcomes that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars associated with a premature or complicated birth.